A friend recently asked me what I thought of this video, so here it is…

I chalk this up under ‘sensationalist’ journalism… purposefully controversial and/or misleading, for the sake of getting eyeballs. And there is absolutely nothing new here. Mentioning Win8 as ‘the biggest hype since the Zune’ is obviously wrong and poking fun. So not exactly a credible start. Plus, CNet is commonly regarded as a bunch of Apple Fanboys, so you can guarantee a bias.

  1. Not enough Apps in the Store – Dumb. Apps are continually being added and improved. Plus you can still run whatever Windows programs you ran before. And saying “The Mac store has more programs than Windows”, just wrong when you consider all the desktop apps.
  2. You don’t have a touch screen – The guy even says you don’t need one to use Win8, so, duh. But if you buy a tablet, laptop or all-in-one today, chances are it’s a touch screen. As far as the desktop, touch screens are available and becoming more common.
  3. Windows 7 is great – Uh, yeah, it is. So since it’s great we shouldn’t upgrade to something even greater? Dumb.
  4. The learning curve – Ok, this one is a legitimate issue, but it’s no reason to stay away from it. This is the future. Get over it.
  5. Wait to upgrade until after the new OS matures – an antiquated pov. OS’s today are updated frequently. There is no more waiting a year or more for some big ‘service pack’.

There you have it. That’s what I think.

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