I’ve never been a huge Ducati fan. Well, I always admired them for their power and aggressive design, but since I’m not much of a crotch rocket guy, I never gave them much thought.

This changed though recently after visiting a local Ducati dealership (I was there ordering a part for my Yamaha WR250R). I came upon a brand new Multistrada 1200 S, and wow, it stopped me in my tracks.

I stood there staring at it, and suddenly it occurred to me… Holy crap this bike is beautiful! It resonates with that wanna-be touring bike enthusiast suppressed inside of me. It looks powerful and aggressive, yet comfortable and refined. It’s a beautiful merging of art and machine.

Until I saw this bike, I always lusted for the BMW F 800 GS. Now I have a new object of desire. Just what I needed. At $20K, I don’t think I’ll have one of these to call my own any time soon.

Ducati Endurobikes


2 Responses to I fell in love with a Ducati

  1. blake says:


    I have a 748s. You havent lived until you have ridden one. You will be amazed once you do and you will never want to ride anything ever again.

  2. craighal says:

    Oh, you punk! I’m so jealous. How long have you had one? Have you been riding bikes all these years? I have an old memory of you riding some crotch rocket and sliding out coming in to my Mom’s driveway, after chasing the dog that ran away. Hilarious.

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