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CES is all about cool stuff, and I saw a bunch of it… so much in fact it almost starts blurring together. However a few things really stood out, and some were aknowledged by receiveing CNET Awards.

How could I talk about cool stuff at CES without mentioning our own Windows Vista :-). Vista won the Best of CES award in the computers and hardware category… no small feat given the competition. The award is a nice aknowledgment for the time, money, and man power that went in to it. It’s cool too that the Automotive guys pulled off a pretty high honor, winning the People’s Voice award for their Ford Sync product.

LG made a splash with their BH100 combination HD DVD / Blu-ray DVD player. It seemed inevitable that someone would come out with a device that’d knock the wind out of the Hi-dev DVD format war. Samsung came out on top in the TV category. Their FP-T5894W features a wireless AV base station allowing the TV to be hung just about anywhere without wires. In some respects the show seemed to be all about how big flat screen tvs could get. They’re entering the realm of projection setups offering Plasma and DLPs that are over 9ft wide. On the smaller side, Sony introduced their new OLED TVs. These TVs have an incredible 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, producing the most vivid, life-like picture I’ve ever seen.

I’m dissapointed there wasn’t a bunch of cool Vista-esque computer hardware. I expected to see a at least a few pedastle laden, AERO hardware-kit-reflecting PCs that would match or beat any PC we’ve seen coming from Apple. Well, that didn’t happen. Where was the ‘Dream PC’? Anyway, there were some cool PCs. The coolest one I think was HPs TouchSmart IQ770 PC. HP designed this PC to reside in the kithcen or other high traffic location so family members can use its touch-enalbed calendar, messaging and media capabilities. I think I might need to get one. :-)

For really over-the-top stuff you just had to go to the North hall to see the Car Tech  displays. There was a sea of cars and trucks geeked to the gills. The cars looked like something out of Pimp My Ride, where the objective is to cram as many 18″ subwoofers and LCD displays in to your car as possible. I saw subwoofers spinning around some kind of gimble in a hatchback. I saw a Scion van with subwoofer weilding pertrusions, a truck with TVs in the wheel wells, and a nitrous-powered coupe with cascading amps that consumed the entire trunk. Rediculous, but cool ;-).


One Response to CES 2007 : Cool Stuff

  1. MikeG says:

    All I remember from the main hall is big-ass plasma screens. Lots of them. I ‘ll soon be able to achieve my dream of replacing my drywall with plasmas, and open and entertainment home/tanning center.

    I was underwhelmed by LG’s player – “Blu-Ray and HD-DVD – for the price of both combined!”. Meh.

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