CES is known for the time when companies flex their creative muscle to show off their latest and greatest. It’s an onslaught of the senses as you walk past the signage, sounds and stages.

One of the most impressive and memorable scenes was one Panasonic put on. They had a stage with half a dozon or so HUGE flat screen, HD TVs hung portrait style behind the stage. These TVs must have been in the 100+ inches range (something several companies were showing off). The TVs became a cool backdrop as dancers came on stage… on the TVs were displayed the same dancers, in the same constumes, doing the same dance moves they were doing live on stage. The HD TVs became a virtual mirror of what was happening live. It was well staged and choreographed, and an impressive way to demonstrate the life-like quality of those humongous TVs.

The Panasonic booth also had a cool setup for showing off their point-and-shoot cameras. They set up a mock beach scene complete with sand and live models. The models layed there in front of a vivid ocean scene, casually socializing and sun bathing while onlookers used the cameras to snap photos.

The Real Networks booth put on a mock game show complete with seudo Seattle celebrity John Curley. The game appeared to be a meddley of Deal or No Deal, Jeapardy and Name That Tune. While entertaining, I didn’t really get the connection between the show and Real Networks products, other than the implication that music played in the show could be heard on Rhapsody. Btw, I happen to bump in to John Curley on my flight home. I was kinda’ suprised to see him flying coach… I guess it’s a Real reflection of his celebrity.

There were many impresive booths from all the player you’d expect. It was cool having Intel right next to Microsoft, flanked by Motorola on the other side. Intel had a neat virutal Indy car setup where peole could simulate races powered by huge, neon lit XPS boxes. It’s kinda’ too bad the biggies weren’t more centralized. Sony was way in the back of the Central hall, and HP was off on the second floor of the South Hall. Of course in order to get to those big booths in the wings you had to pass legions of little guys, but you’d see other well known names like Canon, LG, Nokia, Toshiba and Samsung.


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