As I stroll around CES with the gobs of geeks, the first thing I encounter are a bunch of ‘Girls Gone Wild’. Perhaps their bus got lost on its way to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (which happened to be at the Sands Convention Center during the same week). Merrily playing volleyball, the girls didn’t have any trouble garnering an audience.

Though Vegas is trying to build a reputation as a family friendly destination, it’s roots as an adult playground are hard to avoid. From the sex peddlers handing out promiscuous pamphlets and bearing shirts that read ‘strippers to your room in minutes’, to the 10 story tall billboards featuring scantily clad seductresses, debauchery is everywhere.

I had a few ‘creepy’ guys visit me while on booth duty… guys who must have been looking for the AVN Expo but mistakenly stumbled in to CES. One guy in particular insisted I check it out and seemed intent on telling me all about it. I managed to diplomatically maneuvered out of that one.

In the mobile electronics section, it wasn’t surprising to see live ‘Chrome and Curves’ style photo opps as you walked past the tricked out, tuned up, bass booming rides. The girls were quick to pose for any camera carrying passerbys.

I didn’t feel fully usherd in to the Vegas mantality until monday night’s party at the PURE Nightclub in Ceasars Palace. The packed club had a great dance floor with podium dancing girls and plenty of spectator spoils. I was looking forward to seeign the ‘Pussycat Dolls’ perform, but felt kinda’ dumb when it became apparent these werent’ the real Pussycat Dolls, but rather another Vegas style simulation. Granted I’m not an expert at discerning a real Doll from a fake, the show was on par with what I expected… cute, capable and choregraphed.


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