Quoted: For all of the fanfare surrounding the new OS, Win 7 is really just a Vista martini. The operating system may have two olives instead of one this time out, but it’s still made with the same cheap Microsoft vodka.

Quoted: Steve Jobs was right about Microsoft years ago when he accused the company of collectively having no taste. But now I’m not so sure. There are flashes of brilliance and good taste all over the company, but Microsoft is just lazy, careless, and not at all detail-oriented anymore. There are also indications that the employees all play a zero-sum game, hoping the guy in the next cubicle fails. This is a flaw that crept into the company long before Gates’s exit.

I’m offended by that. But, ok, I’ll give him the part about PR and Advertising…

Quoted: Where is the “wow?” Where is the tour-de-force? It’s not going to happen with this marketing team calling the shots, so we have to assume that no matter how good or bad Windows 7 might be (it’s good, but not really better than Vista SP2), the company doesn’t understand the value of using better vodka.

Better Vodka? WTF? Why is this guy comparing the DNA of one of the world’s most successful and innovative companies to alcohol? What an chump. Maybe Dvorak had a few too many before he wrote this article.

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