Here is another article about how Windows seems to be in a pattern of staggered successes and failures. Granted this pattern is based on only two cycles, it would be awesome if Windows8 put an end to any such speculation.

For whatever reason, there’s a pattern with releases of new "improved" versions of Windows being skipped over on a regular basis.

The successes, Windows 95 and Windows XP after it, come after waves of expensive embarrassments. It’s as though Microsoft brings these things out without enough testing, lets consumers and businesses act as their beta testers, then later saves the day by bringing in the much-needed fixes as a new and improved product. How else can you explain it?

Maybe Microsoft really, truly believed in all of these operating systems (Windows Me, Vista) when they created, developed, and released them, but perhaps the company is just so huge that it’s lost touch with what consumers and business want


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